Pick my brain - Ask me anything (in English)


I am Juana Cervio, aka Nita, a Consultant specialized in tech and web3 recruitment, career counseling, and social media strategies for professionals, entrepreneurs, and start-ups from all over the world, in both English and Spanish.

I founded and co-founded two companies in 2020/2021, and advised more than 50 companies from Latin America, the US, and Europe in these last years, helping them hire top talent, improve their employer brand, and get brand ambassadors and social media campaigns to reach out to a bigger audience.

I have also helped thousands of professionals to start a career in tech or get better jobs with all the free resources I daily share on my websites and social media (juanacervio.com), participated in online and onsite talks, and have a great network.

If you think my experience could be useful for you, feel free to book a call, and you will be able to ask me anything or pick my brain :)

After the 1:20 h call, we will keep in touch via email, to solve any doubts you might have

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